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 Company Philosophy

Charity and Gratitude

Water is the origin of all things. It also represents our spirit of creating pure beauty. All aspects are linked to righteousness and respect for nature. New product development integrates responsibility for our community and care for our environment to benefit all mankind by restoring the most original youthful beauty to people and to nature.

Integrity and Innovation

Business deals where balanced and mutual benefits are made with good faith. With subsequent cutting-edge innovation, we are able to continuously grow.


Brand Story

源自於希臘美惠三女神(The Graces / Kharites)是『嫵媚』、『優雅』 和『美麗』三女神的總稱,在神話中,她們為人間帶來美麗歡樂, 也代表了『美麗』、『青春』與『幸福』。

Les Grâces 堅持從天然珍貴植物中運用高端科技委以醫藥級品管技術萃取,獨家研發的胜肽及醫療級原料,讓肌膚再生年輕、逆齡,為不同女性量身打造產品清單,以配合不同的生活習慣及肌膚狀況,以期每位女性能成為希臘神話中象徵美麗、歡樂、青春美惠三女神的化身。


法文中Grâces帶著『恩賜』 及『恩寵』的寓意, 集合『嫵媚』、『優雅』 和『美麗』更在恩賜及恩寵下展現青春、幸福,就此孕育完美化身 『Les Grâces 』萊可芮絲 這個品牌。


Company Profile


Founded in 2008, Great Giant Int. manufactured fashion garments and shapewear.


Les graces integrates top notch skincare materials with medical beauty technology, creating extremely active beauty products for the professional line. Unlike surgical products, our beauty care is safer while also providing the same professional beauty clinic technology. Your skin will return to its youthful radiant self.




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