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New exclusive pharmaceutical grade skin care ingredients

  1. Medical grade type 1 collagen, with TOXIKON biosafety assessment report, Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute test report, and SGS safety certificate.
  2. Exclusively developed UltraItensor®,PeptioMax®,Lifkin, Oxibalan,Radiqueen, LS- P04, EGA, CP20 and a number of other highly effective anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and whitening ingredients.

 Fast development without any side effects

  1. On average, our R&D team develops 5-6 exclusive new ingredients, and 3 most effective dosage formulations.

Tailored, innovative formulations and stable dosages

  1. Working with biomedical teams to tailor innovative formulas and stable dosages to fit customer and market demands.

New Exclusive Cosmetic Ingredients
and Formulation Development





Quality Control




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